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''Marissa is a fantastic teacher! She is knowledgeable and patient, and has a warm presence. Her understanding of healthy piano playing distinguishes her teaching, and provides a good foundation for developing a piano technique that avoids injury. Marissa gives students of all levels tools for musical and artistic freedom.''
- Elin B., Sweden

''I have played the piano for many years. Reaching level 6 RCM (The Royal Conservatory), I felt that I was unable to progress to the next level, struggling with speed, evenness and occasional pain. I started working with Marissa specifically on piano technique and posture. Within a few lessons, I saw a huge improvement. I was able to play more freely (i.e. with less tension) and the pain never came back. With incredible patience and excellent pedagogical skills, Marissa helped me to deconstruct the way I play, then rectify and put things back together so that everything works as a whole. Marissa’s incremental approach, combined with her knowledge of piano technique and her musical sensibility, make her an excellent teacher for anyone looking to improve their pianistic expression or skills.''

- Virginie L., Canada

''Marissa has very patiently taught piano technique to my 14-year-old son. She has been pedagogical, encouraging, and always positive. The communication between me as the guardian and Marissa has worked perfectly and I can warmly recommend her.''

Sara S., Sweden

''Marissa’s teaching has helped me to recover from months of struggling with pain in my wrists. She is compassionate yet firm, and cares a lot about her students. The approach she uses is truly revolutionary. More people should learn from her, as it gives you the capacity to express every nuance in the music you desire, without beating your hands to shreds. Whenever I had technical inefficiencies in my playing, Marissa showed me how I could fix them – a lot of things that would never occur to me! That is what makes a truly good teacher.''

- Benjamin K., Sweden

''Marissa has been giving piano lessons to my 6-year-old for the last 5 months. Conducting lessons online, especially for a young child, has the potential to be challenging, but Marissa is such an engaging teacher that it is like the lesson is in-person! Marissa keeps my son motivated, while at the same time progressively building up both musical and technical skills. Her lessons are providing him with an absolutely solid foundation to play piano or really any other instrument in the future.''

- David W., Sweden

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


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